Ticolino Wholesale Program


Serengeti Tea Ticolino lovers are all over the world. If you want to sell our product give us a call or send an e-mail. Please note that in order to take advantage of our wholesale pricing you must provide your re-seller number. Our pricing in most cases is FOB (this means shipping charges will be added to your order). We ship via UPS, FedEx, and various freight carriers. You may be able to receive free delivery based on your location, the quantity and frequency you orders. We also offer a variety of promotional material that you can use to introduce the product to your customer. Countertop stands to cardboard display stands, banners, and brochures are available upon request.

Imagine the Opportunities


Consider the advantages of never having to wash spoons and teapots. The Ticolino Tea Stick doubles as a steering stick and does not drip when taken out of the cup.


Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Cafe's, Bars, and Hotel Restaurants


Hotels, Motels, Timeshares, Resorts, Share economy Rentals (Airbnb)


Grocery Store, Specialty Store, Farms Markets, Conveniences Stores

A Conversation Topic

Its originality is an interesting conversation piece that will bind your customers and waiters. Our experience has shown that as a result customers are more likely to leave a higher gratuity and are more likely to remember the restaurant.

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Step Three

After you've created an account an filled out the information in the address book. Please email us at wholesale@shopserengetitea.com. Provide the following information on the email:

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  • Retailer Sales permit only for California residents.

Our sale team will contact you within 48 Hours of your submission